Restrooms in Restaurants?

This is a bit of an odd question, but are there restrooms in the in-park restaurants? Just want to check in case we should be planning restroom breaks before heading to sit down and eat.

Yes they have them!

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Awesome! Thank you!

Most of them- yes. Sometimes they share restrooms with another restaurant (50s?). You can always access a restroom from a restaurant.


Good to know, thanks!

The only one I’ve been in with no restroom was The Plaza at MK and it has a big bank of outside restrooms very near it so that’s why. In most cases the theming of the restrooms in a restaurant continues the interesting themes of the restaurant so that is like a destination by itself. (Or maybe I just tell myself that b/c I have kids.)


QS locations have nearby restrooms, not exactly in them. Just in case you were wondering about those. In those cases, go before you mobile order!


Garden Grill you have to leave the restaurant and the restrooms are next to it

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