Restroom need during shows

To put it simply, are there any shows that will stop if I have to get up mid performance? It’s one reason I’ve avoided the longer running ones like BatB, Fantasmic, Nemo.
At other parks I frequent, I sit where getting up won’t require walking in front of others.

The only show that I know will get screwed up is if you try to exit Carousel of Progress since it is a rotating theater. Most other shows you can exit at will, although sometimes they will direct you up and then out (like Nemo).


I don’t think you can exit Carousel of Progress but won’t have any problem with the outdoor shows. The ones that are indoor, you would exit the theater. I’m not sure if they would let you back in (ie. Frozen Sing Along, Nemo, MILF, Lion King). The restrooms are not in the theaters. You’d have to find the closest ones.

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COP is now the scariest ride to me at MK. You’re trapped!

Hotel California?

Ha ha! I guess I should have added “during the show”

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For the longer shows, would you be comfortable sitting at back at the end of the row? I don’t think it would be too disruptive to leave for a bathroom break if you are close to an exit door. Positioning yourself at the end of a row means you won’t have to walk in front of anyone.

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I don’t mind sitting in the back, I just don’t want to mess up CMs with their seating counts and such.