Restaurant Tour

Has anyone done the tour of Boma or Sanaa? How was it? How do you sign up for it?

I do not know why it has not been updated but here is the January activity calendar for AKL.. The tour is noted as an activity if that is what you are thinking about?

We’ve done it a couple of times. You don’t need to sign up in advance, you just turn up outside Boma a few minutes before the tour starts. Your guide will talk you through some of the design elements in each restaurant, and you’re bound to learn something new (and probably be amazed at just how thought through everything is!). You also get to try a few of the foods in each restaurant - for us it’s been a couple of kinds of soup plus a zebra dome in Boma, and bread with different dips at Jiko. I would definitely recommend it; in fact we’ll probably do it again when we’re staying at AKV in September!