Restaurant reservation Opinions please!

Ok- I may have gone crazy making dining reservations and now I’m
Reluctant to let go of any of them! They all
Sound awesome. Let me know your opinions please!

Friday- BOG lunch. Kind of like a CS since we can preorder right?
Dinner - no reservation CS at AK

Saturday - CRT after BBB more of an event for my DD5
Dinner Sci Fi-- we are all
Really excited about this one…

Sunday-- garden grill breakfast then Resort afternoon and we are eating at Ohana…

Monday- crystal palace— couldn’t pass up
Winnie the Pooh!! Do they meet anywhere else? Tigger is one of my youngest first words… I mean they have to meet!
Dinner- Tepan edo-- dd5 loved Benihana so I thought this would be a fun

I Have young kids dd5 and DD almost2. Inthink character meals would be a highlight… but I
Might need more balance?

It’s a quick trip and I
Might be packing in too much… I don’t think
We want to Spend our time eating… any thoughts? How doYou decide?

I might drop garden grill but it hurts my heart! Also the epcot dinner,… it will be food wine so maybe we will eat around the different countries.

How will food and wine be on a Monday night? MK closes early so makes me nervous if it’s packed.

Thanks for the input!

Looks good, but if you are concerned about too much time being spent at table service, maybe drop Tepan Edo and do the Food and Wine booths like you said. I would keep GG for your kids. Some of my fave pics were at Crystal Palace when our boys were little - not the best food, but hey, how do you pass up tigger, piglet, Eyore and Pooh?

Character meals will be a hit and 3 is a good number. Teppan Edo is fun, but like you said you can get Benihana elsewhere. That would be the one I skip (although it’s a must-do for us every trip but my kids are older)

Also, is CRT breakfast? I might skip Sci Fi on that day with littles. While Sci Fi is fun, that’s a lot of park time lost in one day. BBB and CRT will likely take 3 hours including waits, eating, pictures, and meet and greets and then another hour or more at Sci Fi. But if you will enjoy the break, then go for it.

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Pooh and Tigger are next to their ride at MK for long periods every day. We met Eeyore there too 3 years ago but according to Kenny the Pirate he is only at CP nowadays (same for Piglet).

Thanks for the help! It’s true our Saturday will be pretty packed. CRT is at 10… so sci fi would be our only other meal. Dd5 is really excited about it… but true ton of park time eaten up that day.

So garden grill is worth keeping then?

I would say yes–we enjoyed this. Chip, Dale, Mickey and Goofy can’t be beat. And it’s a character meal that doesn’t involve a buffet–win-win with littles. The cinnamon roll is yummy!

Yes! Keep Garden Grill breakfast. This was our favorite meal last month and one that we must repeat on any future trips. Our girls are 4, 4, 4, and 2 for reference. The character interaction was awesome and it was a chilled atmosphere. It’s served family style so you don’t have to get up and down with little ones which would have been a nightmare for us anyhow. The food was great too (typical American breakfast). The sticky buns are yummy as well as the juice.

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2 table service a day would be too much for my family. Too much food, too little park time. But we also tend to plan a break back at the resort for a few hours most days. I’m not sure how to advise on how to eliminate some of these choices, it would be difficult! Teppan Edo is something we could get at home if we wanted, Ohana is the other one my family would skip (I know, unpopular opinion!), I’d choose GG over it personally (but note, I’ve never been to either, so take my word with a grain of salt!)

Thank you! I haven’t either so
Hard to decide! Besides the cost will be craxy with all of these I don’t want to be in a restaurant all day!

Most I can figure an hour for the meal right? With my kids we tend to speed up meals!

Lol, maybe…I’m used to my kid who is the sllllllooooowwwwest eater ever😂

Considering the age of your kids I’d keep Ohana, Crystal Palace & Garden Grill and I’d drop Teppan Edo. CRT is very expensive, it’s something you want to experience once, but maybe save it for when the girls are a bit older, if price isn’t an issue then keep it. If you have a double stroller then a meal around the food booths sounds nice. At sci fi would you have your kids sitting together in front of you, or would you need to split them up? Lunch time ADR’s are a nice break, but evening ones can be complicated if anyone is too tired. 2 Ohana chairs make a good bed, my DD5 slept through most of our dinner. I’d also recommend Coral Reef. My DD5’s favorite things at WDW were the pool, carousel and playing in the sand, though she did enjoy everything else. Some of our most enjoyable meals were from Captn Cooks which we ate poolside between swims.

Thanks for the advice! My daughters favorite will be the carousel and pool I’m sure! Going to CRT because eating in the castle will blow her mind!

Restaurants are tough with little kids off their schedules… def dropping Tepan edo… still pondering the rest!

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I will start by saying I didn’t read through every else’s comments so sorry if this is a repeat! I went in Jan with DD5 and DD1. I did not account for tired kids and didn’t plan enough down time. The character meals were great, but we wished we did not book sit down meals every day. Sticking to a schedule was really tough with little one’s. I know there are so many great options, but I think you should drop a couple restaurants. No more than 1 sit down a day - if that. We did a lot of just “hanging out” and enjoying the details and atmosphere of Disney. Rushing the girls to get to restaurants bummed me out. CRT was 100% worth it. Crystal Palace was great for the kids too. BOG was cool, but I could have waited until the kids were older. I am sure the others you picked are great, but it’s so much more convenient to eat a few quick service meals when you have small kids.

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Thanks for your thoughts! Keeping a plan with young kids is tough I agree.

Twenty went last may with DS6, DS4 and DD2. I was concerned with their ability to sit still and behave with so many sites down meals, but honestly it was great. It seemed that 1 TS meal per day was a perfect way to take a break in some AC and recharge. GG was one of their favorites and they’ve asked to repeat it on our next trip. Crystal Palace was also great and my husband and I were surprised with hoe good the food was. Honestly, your kids are only this little once. Do more kid focused meals which will keep them engaged and drop the more adult focused ones

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That’s a lot of hopping/traveling with little ones. I would drop Teppan Edo and unless you are staying at Monorail resort, I would drop Ohana. The sit downs chew up a lot of time, especially when combined with travel time. Also to consider given the ages of your kids, if you plan to leave the park through the front entrance of Epcot, Teppan Edo is about a half hour walk from the front entrance. I learned this the hard way 6 years ago, leaving dinner at the Japan Pavilion with my 3, 5, and 9 year old nieces and nephews. The little guys had a hard time with the long walk at that hour!

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With a 2 and 5 year old, if I were you, I would skip SciFi. It is really dark in the theater/restaurant. I think feeding a 2 year old would be pretty tough. SciFi is really fun for kids a little older. Save that one for a trip down the road.

Thanks! We are staying at the Poly. This is our resort afternoon that’s why we thought we would try it. I think your right. We need to drop Tepan edo.

None would be on my short list, but I don’t have kids and have no interest in CMs.

Since you are staying at the Poly, I would keep Ohana.