Restaurant recommendations outside of WDW

Hi all, I’m looking for some restaurant recommendations outside of WDW, but also not too far of a drive (preferably as close as possible, but up to 30 mins in traffic). Any favorites to recommend? Many thanks in advance.

True story…when we visit Orlando, we just go directly from the airport to the Disney bubble and don’t leave! I’ll be interested to follow this thread and see what suggestions you get!


There are a lot of good restaurants in Celebration. It is a cute town and kind of cool to see what a Disney planned community looks like!


I hear that if you’re looking for really good pizza not too far away that Playa Pizza is a good one. You can even view the MK fireworks from there!


We enjoy Sofrito Latin Cafe. Food is inexpensive. Portions are large. We enjoyed the Roast Pork and haven’t had anything else! The smoothies are also delicious and refreshing.

Since 2012, we go to Flippers for pizza almost every time we go to WDW.

Both are very close to WDW on the east side.

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Any specific type of food you’re looking for @kayy? My parents now live on 192 just south of Disney and there are a ton of good restaurant options down that way that are less than 30 min from Disney. I can hit DM up for suggestions for you.

When I visit them, a few of my favorites are Ford’s Garage (good burgers), Maple Street Biscuit Company (GREAT breakfast but ultra loud and chaotic — be prepared), and Chuy’s (pretty basic TexMex, but fun atmosphere).


Nothing specific. Just looking for dinner suggestions on some of the evenings. We like good food, but also have kids, so nothing super fancy. Takeout might be great for a late night too, like Thai or Chinese. Thank you!


I forwarded your post to DM and she suggested the following:

“In Cagans Crossing (15 min outside park) I :heart: New York. Great pizza and other Italian food.

Rock n Brews. Loud but has outdoor patio


Ford’s Garage in Sunset walk (By Margaritaville) for Burgers. Tip is already included in bill.

Lazy Dog is across street (192) from Sunset Walk. More unique food.

Hash House in Flamingo Crossing. Sharable entrees. Chicken and Waffles, Burgers, pancakes.

Sakura Asian Fusion for Asian. It’s at corner of 192 & Sherberth.”

Hope that helps!


This is great, thanks so much!

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