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Would love any advice/input on dining plan below (4 adults, 2 kids under 7 and 1 kid under 2). We are going to do the Dining Plan and are one QS under. Get in the afternoon on Saturday and need to be on ME at 1:00 the following Saturday. Staying at Contemporary.

Sat - 1900 Park Fare Dinner

Sun - MK - QS Lunch; Crystal Palace Dinner (Parade/Castle show/fireworks that night)

Mon - EP morning - Garden Grove Breakfast (for Soarin’ access); Tutto Italia Dinner (try for Frozen FP late - don’t go to World Showcase until after pool time)

Tues - HS - Hollywood & Vine lunch (11AM). Ohana dinner (interested if people have other advice here - we like Ohana but have been twice).

Wed - MK morning. QS lunch. EP evening - Akershus dinner

Thurs - AK - later start to get to Tusker House Lunch (11 AM) (ROL package); QS Dinner

Fri - MK - Be Our Guest Lunch; QS dinner; back for MK fireworks/castle show

Sat - MK - QS early lunch

I’m sorry, it must be too late in the day for me… Are you looking for Quick Service suggestions? I’m not following what “one QS under” means.

Garden Grove is at the Swan, not the Land. Are you thinking Garden Grill?

Yes. Garden Grill. Thanks. Just wanted to see if this plan looks reasonable or if I’m missing something or should change anything. Re 1 QS under I just mean I only have 6 but get 7 with the plan. Not looking for specific QS suggestions.

It all sounds nice to me. My only issue may be in having 2 table services in a day. It’s a ton of food.
But if you spread the times out, it won’t be too much to concern with.

Tuesday you have 2 buffets/all you care to eat meals. It all depends on your eating style. I couldn’t manage it and feel that it was worth it.

I think you may actually be over ? I am counting 8 TS? Is your trip 7 nights?

I think just 7. The BOG lunch is QS.

CP, Akershus, 1900, Tusker, 'Ohana, Garden Grill, Tutto Italia and Hollywood and Vine? Isn’t that 8?

Ahh. I missed one. I think we could skip Garden Grill - was only doing for Soarin access. Any other thoughts of what to cut out?

I agree, most likely one of your Epcot choices- or switch your 'Ohana for a missing QS?

I’m not a big Hollywood and Vine fan - I’d go Sci Fi Dine In Theatre for your HS TS.

You might do Whispering Canyon at WL instead of Ohana - then go check out Chip and Dale’s Campfire in the Campgrounds - with kids that age, they would LOVE it.

I don’t disagree about H&V - problem is my daughter is very obsessed with the characters there, and given over spring break, easier to do lunch than wait in line for meets.

For the Campfire, how difficult is transportation there and back?

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Yeah, go for characters, for sure!

There is a loop bus that goes around the campground constantly to shuttle campers to WL and transportation. In front of where they do Hoop-Dee-Doo (The Settlement) is where the buses pick up and drop off.

The boat from MK actually takes you to “the beach” at the Campgrounds - it is not the WL stop, but a different one. This boat goes to the MK and the Contemporary. From here you walk to the Settlement, then take the loop bus. Just ask a busdriver to make sure you get on the right bus. Well worth it.

Maybe replace Ohana with a trip over to AKL for Boma for something different, people seem to love it. Or maybe you’re sick of the buffets by then and just want to eat the Wave at your hotel or something.