Resorts and Disney Springs Busing

My sister decided that she wants to do Disney for a couple day at the end of June for her Bachelorette weekend, I am so excited to be planning it! We will do two days probably with park hopping. She really wanted to go to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We are looking at 5-7 girls they don’t want to spend the extra money to stay on site.(which I totally want to) I am struggling with where to stay that will make it easy to get to and from the parks. Considering using Uber or Lyft but also wanted to know about busses from Disney Springs. I have been looking at some of the Hotwire/Priceline deals. We will also be spending a couple day relaxing at the pool.

What about Swan and Dolphin? They are usually priced lower that Disney moderates but the amenities of a deluxe resort.

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There aren’t buses from Disney Springs to the parks.

You could get a bus to the Contemporary for MK. And BC / YC / Boardwalk for Epcot (International Gateway).


I’m staying at B Resort at Disney Springs. It’s one of the non Disney partner hotels. Mouse Savers has a discount link right now that waived the resort fee.

I’ve never stayed there, but have friends who have stayed there and enjoyed it. Full disclosed: reviews have recently not been great recently, but I know that the hotel is currently hiring back cleaning staff and maintenance staff that were previously let go due to Covid. The price was too good to ignore. Also I will say that verified reviews on things like and Priceline aren’t bad. It’s trip advisor and google that have bad ones - so could also possibly not be accurate.

Wyndham Garden, another one of the DS hotels has a current Groupon and living social deal that I saw - has reduced resort fees.

I’ve been keeping an eye on these for end of June for my trip and they have been very high it seems! I’m still hoping for a possible drop but with resort fees not sure it will get anywhere close for me on this trip. Great properties though.

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I will definitely check that out!

Try getting a quote from Touring Plans Travel and get their recommendations … I noticed on the quote request form you can specify “off-site” accomodations.


Do the Disney Springs busses start running early enough to get to MK by park opening?

From what I’ve read, the DS hotel shuttles would not be reliable for rope drop. Also notable: they drop at TTC, not park entrance for MK. I won’t have a car so won’t pay for parking anywhere. So my comparable expense will be paying for morning ubers. In the evening, at park close, I plan to use the shuttles.


I’ve planned similar trips with my friends and had the same debate of on or off site, but the point that always sways our decisions is how much safer we feel staying on property. With 5 (and definitely with 7) you’ll have to split up in Uber/Lyft, which was a risk my group never felt too comfortable with, especially at the end of the night after some drinks! It’s still worthwhile to price out both options, but combined with double the cost for Uber/Lyft, the difference in price might end up being closer than you expect.

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Yeah, I have been looking at a couple of places around Disney Spings area so that we could walk over for Lunch or Dinner. Just would have to make sure to pre-plan on how to get to the parks. One day there are only three of us going to the parks the other day will be all of us, so that day will be more difficult to figure out. I have never been without a car! I know it is do-able but am just trying to think things through with where we stay.

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