Resort Wow Factor + Quick Service

Seeking thoughts on deluxe (or even moderate) resorts that 1) have a “Wow” factor and are worth visiting just cause they’re awesome and 2) also have at least one good quick service dinner option.

Something on the monorail loop or accessible by Skyliner just for funsies maybe? We’ll eat just about anything.

Trying to loosely plan our second resort/pool day. The rest of the trip is planned to the minute, so I don’t want to pre-book this one too much. We’re staying at POR. I’m hoping by early evening my kids (11,9,7) will be ready for a break from swimming and will want to resort hop somewhere for dinner.

Worth noting: We have dinner at Saana ADR’d for our first resort day, so AKL is already covered.
We also have Chef Mickey’s booked for breakfast though I have a million dining alerts set to try to swap for Topolinos.

If you’re at POR is there any reason you wouldn’t be interested in taking the ferry to DS? It’s a fantastic ride over and there are loads of great dining options - QS, TS, and lounge - once you’re there.

If you’re really set on visiting a resort though, Poly has a beautiful lobby, is great to walk around, and looks across the lagoon to MK. You can hop on the monorail for a spin too. And the QS there, Captain Cooks, is top notch. Also, Dole Whip at Pineapple Lanai.


I should have mentioned that - DS is our arrival day plan and I completely agree!

And Poly was one I wondered about and sounds lovely. Thank you!

(I get to do Disney every other year with my students, but we stay off-site and other than previous family trips to POR, have never visited done much outside the parks).


Poly would be great if you wanted dinner, dole whip, and fireworks.

Maybe you could even make it a dinner crawl. Apps, entrees and dessert. Maybe with skylines resorts? Could be fun to see more then one! Also could do that with monorail resorts.

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Ok this sounds like a blast! Thanks!

I haven’t done it— but I’m Sure others would have some recs on who has the best food!

Wilderness Lodge. The lobby, including upstairs, and the Carolwood Pacific Railroad Lounge at BRV is worth exploring.

Geyser Point is meant to be a great QS restaurant, and if you time it right you could watch the MK fireworks.


Thank you! A family member said Geyser Point was really great as well.


I was going to recommend that but shied away from it because in so many ways it is reminiscent of AKL.

But absolutely agree on all points otherwise.


The good thing about Geyser Point is that it is a short boat ride to MK. The boat docks are close to the buses which makes it easy to get to other resorts.


WL and Poly and maybe GF are all very wooooow from when you walk in. GF is a maybe bc their qs is just ok vs the options at WL and Poly.

Riviera has those gorgeous murals if you enter from the skyliner and their qs is pretty good too from what I’ve heard.


Well, I agree with the previous posters. They mention great points.

My first thought tho was Coronado Springs.

Mostly because of the shop there. The kid in our home was 13 at the time. Then as now, completely a fan of the 3 Caballeros. I think they tolerated the food court* just to be able to spend time in the shop.

*I thought the food court was fine then. Idk what it’s like now.


I was gonna say Coronado Springs - Three Bridges is not QS but it is AMAZING!


Yes - I’d love to eat here again. Great experience.

eta: 3 Bridges was one of our surprise meals in December 2020. We checked in at CS and while settling in to our room, we saw the restaurant had walk up availability, so went right over.

One of our goals that trip was saving money thru fewer TS meals but those walk up availabilities were tough to ignore. :blush:


The only “Wow factor” at the WDW deluxe resorts is the price tag. And this is coming from someone who often stays at the WDW deluxe resorts (I stay at the deluxe resorts for location purposes). The times I stayed at Values, I had no interest in visiting the Deluxe resorts except for an occasional TS meal.

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DH said to me that what made the trip really special was the extra activities I’d planned. I asked for an example.

On a rest day we rode around the skyliners then took the monorail to Poly. We brought a picnic and on the beach laid out this blanket that fit into this teeny tiny bag. Nice thing about that was that we could sit a little apart from the chairs and no one obstructed our view. We watched the fireworks and then the electric pageant. Then we went inside and explored the lobby displays until we were tired. We’d parked our car at DS.


I really like Grand Floridian - its beautiful, lots of interesting things to look at and great shops. QS isnt bad, but is still limited. Wilderness Lodge is great and Geyser Point is my absolute favorite, it is very reminescent of AKL Jambo, but if you just go to Kidani the. WL has something to offer. Love the restaurants at Poly, but otherwise I am a little lost there as to where to look around.

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