Resort visits and activities

We’re planned visits to the monorail resorts at various times during our long stay in March, as well as checking out AKL one morning, but two questions for you all:

  1. Are any of the other resorts worth taking time out to visit (we have a car)
  2. Across any of the resorts are there any ‘not to be missed’ experiences or activities that they put on?
    Thanks everyone!

I would consider taking the boat across to WL.

First, it’s fun to go across the water bridge (or viaduct), secondly the resort is gorgeous. The lobby has huge carved totem poles, there are rocking chairs and a lounge area upstairs in the lobby. The stream rises inside the lobby and flows down to the main pool. Geyser Point is worth a visit (I hear), the actual Geyser erupts every hour, maybe more often (?).

If you have more time I would go to FW and see the stables with the horses and blacksmith, there’s a museum about the horses of WDW. And it’s a lovely area to explore. You can even take a carriage ride or the cheaper hay wagon ride.

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I would visit FW and WL.

This is great, thank you. Those two weren’t on my radar at all!

The Poly would be a great place to end the day by watching the fireworks from the beach. I hear the TTC also has a good spot for seeing the fireworks. I think WL would be a great respite on one of your MK days.

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I just saw the Tim Tracker video where he recommends a beach a little to the west of where most people go, so that looks great. Also there’s some kind of electric water parade isn’t there. Is that running at the moment (March visit)? Is it worth hanging around for?
We watched Tim’s tour of the Wilderness Lodge too, looks lovely! Definitely going to have a break there one of our long MK focused days. Thanks everyone.
Are any of the moderates or even value resorts worth a wander around?

the electric water parade was nice, but nothing to go out of your way for. I haven’t visited the moderates, but French Quarter & Riverside get a lot of love, I would visit all the Deluxes first.

Thanks for that. Because of the recent hours shifts HEA is now 9.15 - we’re planning to watch it from the Poly Beach. Am I right thinking the Water Parade will just shift back to start after that rather than the normal 9pm start?