Resort TS lunch ADR suggestions

We will be at AK for RD on 6/16. We want to get out of the park for a few hours for a TS lunch and rest. Would like to go to a resort for lunch as they are the easiest to get back and forth by bus. Was thinking Ale & Compass at Yacht, Big River Grille at Boardwalk, The Wave at Contemporary, or Kona at the Poly. Any input would be appreciated.

Are you returning to AK after your meal?

We are doing Boma, but from your list I would do Kona.

Sanaa at Kidani, hands down. Excellent food, you can watch the animals, and it’s a 5 min bus ride from AK.


Absolutely Sanaa

Agree, Sanaa.

Another vote for Sanaa. After lunch, you can take the shuttle or short walk to main lodge, and tour around there, it’s worth visiting.

We take a midday rest each day, nap and/or swim at our hotel. But in the past we have made AK the exception, staying all day, then dinner at Sanaa or elsewhere.

With additional rides @AK now, we may do the break there as well. It always seems far away from our hotel, more than the other parks, but really doesn’t take that much longer on the bus.

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Sanaa, I could have the bread service everyday for the rest of my life

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We are planning on it. Just want a few hours down time.

Yes. We are going to Boma our first night. Love Boma.

If you want a few hours are you looking for a large lobby area? YC/BC is great choice since you have both resorts. Kidani Lobby does not “feel” that roomy to me but YC/BC and Poly seem like a long way to travel back and forth.

Since AK is open more hours now, we want to get away for lunch. We figured by going to a resort it would give us the opportunity to also tour the resort. Our first day will be a spent touring the resorts on the monorail. YcBc sounds like a plan. Where would you suggest. A friend just got back today and loves Cape May.

Cape May is only open for breakfast or dinner. The new Ale & Compass table service (replaced Captain’s Grill) has received some great reviews. It is very small but Beaches & Cream may be an option too. I think I would go with Ale & Compass and then maybe a walk on the boardwalk and a stop at Ample Hills for dessert?

Sounds like a plan. Emma from @disneyworldatoz talks about Ample Hill all the time.

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I guess I still don’t understand why you would not go to AKL which is a very short bus ride from AK and instead go to BC which is halfway across the entire property - but is only a 5-10 min walk from EP or DHS…


Because “We Don’t Care!!!” We are at the world for 7 full days with a second day at AK planned later in our stay. We are Foodies and will go wherever for the good stuff. We may or may not choose to go back to AK. We may just roam the resort and go to EPCOT for the night or just go back to our resort. I may make 2 reservations for the day and just dump one when we have a plan set in stone.