Resort transportation issues have me spooked so I rented a van. How does handicap parking work?

I’ve been reading WDW has been having some transportation issues. I’m taking my parents, grandmother, DW and DD7. Grandmother needs an EVC. Pre-covid I had planned on exclusively using the buses from Boulder Ridge. Out of an abundance of caution I rented a van after reading some issues with the buses and long waits for ubers. Also there’s no minivans if something happens.

Since I originally planned on not having a vehicle how does driving around work? I’m staying at a DVC and it says resort parking and standard parking is included for parks. If I intend on using her handicap card should I pay the extra to upgrade to “Preferred parking”? It says parking shuttles are not running so I’m really concerned about the logistics of getting from resort to park and back.


I think if you show her blue badge they will direct you to disabled parking with no need to pay for preferred parking. But it’s been a while and we never actually ended up driving.

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“Guests with a valid disability parking permit may follow the signs to the parking locations near the front of each theme park lot.”

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