Resort touring

We will be in DW 1st week in April, staying offsite, and have a couple of days to spare. I really want to explore some of the resorts, with possibilities being Contemporary, Polynesian, GF, AK Lodge, Fort Wilderness, and Port Orleans, and definitely the Boardwalk. We will have a car. I am not interested in making ADRs at these places, as we just want to explore, maybe sample some of the QS offerings, and move on. What will the parking situation be like? I read that as of a year ago Disney was testing paid parking at some resorts. Is that still going on, and if so at which resorts? What is the cost? I had previously read that you could just request and be given a 3 hour free pass to explore. Is that completely incorrect?

You can tour the monorail resorts when visiting the Magic Kingdom or Epcot. Also the International Gateway at Epcot leads,to the Boardwalk. Fort Wilderness is a quick boat ride from the Magic Kingdom. You can get a boat to POR from Disney Springs so pair those places together. Buses run to all the resorts from Disney Springs.

If they are still testing it, I read $20 was the cost. Cheaper to make an ADR for one and just ghost it.

park at disney springs and then take the buses

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We have NEVER had a problem being allowed to park if we say we would like to explore the resort! We have done this at the Poly, GF, Wilderness Lodge, Boardwalk and Yacht Club. This is in Sept, Oct or Jan, so admittedly low crowd season but I do suggest you try your luck. We were also staying onsite so had bands. They will probably request to see your drivers licence, but it is definitely worth a try. I think it would be easiest at the moderate resorts.