Resort ticket includes?

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I’ve booked to stay at the Lowes Royal Pacific and have the following ticket on my documentation:

  • Universal Orlando 2 Park Bonus Ticket

Does this include Universal Express Unlimited?
Does this include Park to Park access?

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Yes if you’re staying at the Royal Pacific, you have Express pass - it’s based on your resort stay not your type of ticket.

I’m not sure if that’s park to park, sorry.

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2 park bonus tickets have been the park to park tickets in the past. As ^^^ your express pass is separate and linked to your hotel reservation and yes it is currently the unlimited pass at RPR. When you get to your hotel check in and leave bags with staff if room not ready. Every guest gets a personalised room key. You go to kiosks in the lobby ( keep going past reception and they are on your right.) You use your room key to get your personalised exp pass which is printed with your photograph. Your park tickets should be at reception for you but you might have to get them from the ticket kiosk in the hotel. The staff will advise. To go to park you need your room key for Early Park Entry your tickets and your express pass. Once inside the park you only need your express pass. Edit if going on the Hogwarts express train you need your park ticket to enter the train station.

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Thank you both.

Fabulous replies and I appreciate the extra information for checking in etc.

Very helpful.
Thank you again.

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