Resort Room Finder help

I’m hoping someone can help me. I booked a “StdRm WChrAcc RollIn OptHr K” room at All-Star Sports a year ago. We are coming up on our 60-day mark so I started to look at the Room Finder to consider our options for which room to request. According to the Room Finder, standard, accessible rooms with a roll-in shower and King bed don’t exist. I double checked the Disney sight. Their pictures show the football section. I figured this out by blowing up the reflection in the mirror over the sink.The Room Finder shows no accessible rooms in this section. Is it possible the room finder isn’t correct or up-to-date? Please help me figure this out. Thank you!


I just stayed in building 10 room 225 but it was a preferred room. I booked a preferred room with a king and double. I was told we were going to be in building 1 there were 4 rooms to choose from but I did not get what I asked for. I was given building 10 and we did not get a king and double room. They gave us 2 rooms, room 1 had a king and roll in shower room 2 had 2 doubles all at no added charge. It was quiet and I was very happy with the location it was close to the baseball pool and the food court. We had 2 ECVs there was enough room for both in the king room but we stored 1 in each room.

Thank you for the information. We do have a ECV for my hubby and he also needs the shower chair that comes with the roll-in shower. I was hoping to be as close as possible to the main building due to my fasciitis. Just trying to cut down on any excessive walking. I guess it will just be the luck of the draw!
Thanks again!

Me and DW road our ECVs from sport to music then to movies to check them out. We had no problems getting around the resorts with them.

I don’t expect any issues with the hubby’s ECV. We have rented them before at various parks, including WDW. We have only had an issue once, and the provider was wonderful about coming into the park and bringing us a replacement. Honestly, I’m more concerned about limiting my walking, especially since I tend to be the one making the extra runs for food, front desk, etc. Hubby thought I should rent one for myself as well, but I’m a bit cheap. I rather put the money towards special activities and dinners. :slight_smile:
But, if I need to break down and bring one in for the second half of the trip, it’s nice to know two will fit in the room! Speaking of which, would there be enough plugs? I’m already planning on bringing down a power strip, but knowing for sure can be helpful!

I always have a 3 way extension cord because I travel with a C-pap machine. The outlets are very used and don’t hold a plug that well DW had trouble charging her phone the plug would fall out sometimes. I used the outlet by the sink to charge the ECV and had no trouble when I remembered to plug it in. I did forget one night but the ECV lasted up until I got on the bus. That is when it started to die but I turned it off for the ride back on the bus and made it back to the room on low power. I rented from scooter vacations and the scooter ran for about 20 hours on a single charge, before slowing down.

I never thought about the plugs being worn. I’ll have to keep an eye on that.
I’m glad that the power strip is on the list though. Besides the ECV, we will have to charge two phones, an ipad and camera battery.
So the packing list begins!