Resort recommendations for seniors

Why is it that the guide only suggests deluxe resorts for seniors, in Part 8, Special Tips, p. 430? Do the authors think we’re all rich? There are perfectly suitable moderate resorts. I’ve never stayed in a budget resort. We stay at Port Orleans French Quarter.


We stayed at POFQ last trip, but at this time, it is not scheduled to be open for our December trip or our backup April 2021 trip.

Sounds like some good feedback for @len for the next edition!

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I think it might be because they are more quiet.

We noticed that right away at the YC. One morning I got up uber-early and went looking for some coffee. I opened the door to the BC Marketplace and the noise and activity was quite a shock to the system. I couldn’t wait to get back until I had more time to adjust to the day- and we had kids ranging from 8 to 18 at the time!

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I think we suggested them for proximity to the parks? I’ll go back and read the text. Our updates for 2021 got sidetracked by the virus. And so this is good to know. Thanks @littlefield.jan!


As well as being quieter they are also smaller so less walking. But yes POFQ also fits the bill.


While I have Len’s attention, I think that the guide needs to stress, in the section on renting ECVs and wheelchairs, that it is necessary in all parks for the person needing assistance to make it from the parking lot or TTC to the ECV rental shop. In some parks, that is a major expedition. I don’t know if there is a solution to that issue, but I started every day in a park already exhausted.

Also, the monorail station at MK does not have an elevator. A cast member offered us a wheelchair to get up the ramp, but the friend I was traveling with is not strong enough to push a wheelchair up a long and steep ramp. We opted for a ferry to a monorail resort and then called Lyft for a ride to our off-World restaurant, which worked well, but we had to figure that out on our own, because the cast member did not offer the information.

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