Resort recommendation

Hi we are a family of 5 with 2 adults and 3 ds ages 5,7,10 at the time of travel. We have stayed at AoA twice and are planning a trip next year for 10 days. Have the option of AoA again or port Orleans Riverside for about $900 less. We have never stayed in a moderate before and enjoy the space of the AoA. What do you guys think? :slight_smile:

Does the price quoted at POR include 2 rooms?

You will probably miss the space of AoA compared to POR. Did you price 2 rooms at an All Stars or Pop?

Personally for ten days I would get really tired of Disney food and want a nearby condo rental with our own kitchen…

We loved POR, and I know the alligator bayou rooms sleep 5, but it might feel a bit tight for 10 days. Would you be OK all sharing one bathroom? Your littlest one will fit on the murphey bed quite easily, and the other 2 will need to share a queen sized bed. If you think you’ll be comfortable together in one room, then it’s a great way to save money for other fun things. It’s a beautiful resort. Plus, the pool with the slide and the other upgrades to moderate quality are all very nice.

We really love the mods but we are only 4. The suites sound awesome because of the extra bathroom! But we’ll likely stay mod for price. I am assuming you mean a suite at AoA and not two standard rooms?

We used the trundle beds ( murphy beds now) and DD was quite happy there when she was 3.

Just one room

I have not looked at two rooms there. … would they connect?

I would make another choice if you are going for so long. The air conditioning unit in the Por resorts drives me crazy turning on and off loudly all night. And always sitting on the beds to eat in the room.

You can request connecting rooms. They’ll give you the standard “we cannot guarantee connecting rooms” answer but we’ve always gotten them upon request.

I have done 5 at POR 3 adults 2 kids. It was a bit tight and it was only a week. I think you will find yourself cramped. I suggest checking out 2 rooms at all stars like @pod4christ suggested or a suite there.

POR can be done you will just be tripping over each other and fighting over bathroom.

Thanks everybody! All great advice. I’ll check out the price for two rooms at pop :slight_smile:

Very wise w your # of ppl.

@celeste1178 - There are certain rooms at POR that have two queen beds plus one pull down bed (the kind w/ the alligator on it - anyone remember the specific room type?) if you’re like me and prefer everyone in one room.
I think they’re the Alligator Bayou rooms – Alligator Bayou Rooms Photo Gallery