Resort Parking with Dining Reservation

We have an 11:30am lunch reservation at Steakhouse 71 for our December trip. Can we still park at the Contemporary in the morning for Magic Kingdom rope-drop? We’ve always done this in the past, but I’ve heard they were turning people with dining reservations away on October 1. I was thinking that this was just a one-off for October 1, but I just heard that this was not allowed anymore. Has anyone tried specifically for the Contemporary with a dining reservation at the Contemporary?
Thank you!

You may well get some pushback at the guardshack for such an early arrival. Generally it’s okay if you’re arriving within an hour of your reservation but I would not be surprised if you got the nope on this.


Thank you!
We’ve always booked a lunch reservation at The Wave and parked at the Contemporary in the early morning. We’d spend all morning in the park, leave to eat lunch and then usually leave that area after lunch with our car “right there”. We never had a problem, but I’ve heard reports of them turning people away since Oct 1.

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It would be safer to just RD MK normally (either using Disney transportation or parking in the MK lot) and then walk over to The Contemporary for your lunch time. You otherwise might be forced to do it anyhow, but no longer be ahead of the RD crowd.