Resort parking question

We’re in the Orlando area with family for Thanksgiving but not going to the parks :frowning: Friends will be staying at AoA and we were hoping to stop by and see them on one of their non-park days. Can we park at AoA even though we’re not resort guests? Last time we were there was July 2019 when it was paid parking even for resort guests. So I’m not sure what has changed since then. Thanks for the help!

You should be able to.

Ask them for their reservation number, or their room number will do. And then tell the guard at the gate that you’re visiting friends and give their name and reservation number.


name and room number should be enough. res no. is TOO long :wink:

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Confirm current non-guest parking policy with Disney.

It remains variable.

The current policy depends on the resort, the time of year and the CMs at the gate.

The resorts that are within walking distance to a park tend to be stricter.


or those w/ Skyliner access.
My experience at Y/B club, BW w/ an ADR is that they have been pretty much waving me through w/o even checking my ADR.