Resort parking charges and booking through MVT

With the new crackdown on parking at the resorts I was wondering has anyone been recently where they book their resort through MVT and parked at the resort? I will have a car in a couple of weeks and my TA told me that booking through MVT gets you free parking at the resorts and that they know it is good until at least October of 2019. Just wondering if anyone has had an issue where they charge you?

I will be able to test it in 2 weeks, but my MVT agent told me the same thing. No parking charges for their customers.

ohhh I hope this is true. Last time I went I had booked before it came into effect. I am going again in Feb 2019 and just found on my first trip that it is so much easier to rent a car and drive to the parks.

I am going to ask my TA on Monday when I give them my final payment just to make sure.

This would be great! We may rent a car for our trip in Dec. Am I correct that you are able to park at the parks then also at no charge?

As long as you are staying onsite there is no parking charge at the parks.

My understanding is this is only true if you book one of their Agency Deals.

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@Find me is correct I just reached out to my TA at MVT and they said there is no charge for resort parking as long as it is booked through their Agency Exclusive deals.

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Just booked with Darcy and it states on her quote they are not charging parking fees until October 1st, 2019.

Yes that is what I was told as well hoping they extend it as well since I only book through MVT or rent points

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