Resort/Off site -- where are you eating for Christmas Eve/Day?

Okay, I’m totally not trying to crash anyone’s ADR/reservations… I’m just pondering what to do with the family for Christmas Eve/Day, as it’ll just be the three of us after many years of doing the big family thing up north.

Because my husband is from Baltimore, ideally I’d like to find some sort of Chinese-esque dining (sit-down, buffet, even carryout) for Christmas Eve. (If you have to ask what Baltimore and Chinese food for Christmas Eve have in common, I can’t explain it…it’s just some sort of local oddity up there. I just roll with it.) We’ve been here for six months and we have yet to find a good Chinese restaurant.

For Christmas Day, most of the places I’m looking at that I like are around the $100 per person price point, which is a bit of sticker shock – hoping to keep it under $70 per person. Must have options for picky kid.

Any ideas? Any out of the bubble places we really should have tried but haven’t yet? Was looking at Rosen Shingle Creek, but never heard of anyone saying anything about it…

Ideally, we don’t want to go into a theme park, but if there’s something that can’t be missed, we can try for it.

Although come to think of it, maybe I should just crash someone’s ADR. :evergreen_tree:

ETA: So when I search on Yelp for Chinese Buffets, one of the entries is Biergarten. That’s how difficult it is to find good Chinese food here…when Germany has better Chinese food than Chinese restaurants!


All if the restaurants in Celebration are quite good and many have a very nice atmosphere. I know there is a Thai restaurant, not sure about Chinese. The restaurant inside the Bohemian Hotel in Celebration would seem special on a holiday.

We did the Bohemian Hotel for Thanksgiving, actually. It was really good – they had this sweet potato gratin that was amazing!

We’re here now and I can tell you when I lived her 14 years ago I never did find decent chinese food lol. Good luck on your quest. If you guys are available tomorrow several of us will be meeting for a nightcap at Crew’s Cup if you’d like to come and say hello.

I am in the Philly area. If you are in the Baltimore area, you should order a bushell basket a steamed crabs. Spread newspaper on your table and have fun with the crabs. My hubby’s family gets together on Christmas eve and usually has ham and kielbasa. It is pretty much an informal gathering.

If you want to stick with Chinese food talk to people from the area and ask where they would go to eat.

Let us know what you do. Good luck.