Resort monorail hours

The WDW website says that monorail service is available for 1 hour after park closing. On nights when MK closes at 7pm does the resort monorail really shut down at 8pm? I would imagine there are a fair number of monorail resort guests who patronize the restaurants at resorts other than their own, and with reservations that extend beyond 8 pm. Does Disney really leave them without monorail service back to their own resorts?

Do you mean on Party Nights? On those nights the monorail will run until around 1:00am.

No, not on party nights - unless MK only closes at 7pm on party nights. Is that the case?

The hours for MK show a 7:00 closure on nights that Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is scheduled (6:00 for the Christmas Party). The park is open to ticketed guests only.

Thanks - you’ve identified the connection between early MK closings and the special event parties going on. For our trip in late October, every night MK is listed as closing at 7pm, there is MNSSHP scheduled. So it looks like the monorail will be available till late hours for hopping between monorail resorts. Good news!

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I wonder if the monorail will close at 5:30 on 11/30, when MK legitimately does close to all guests at 4:30. We were planning Epcot that evening, so it would be nice to know if we’ll be heading for the busses back to BLT, rather than the monorail.