Resort magic band question - two rooms

I’m staying at Pop. The kid is staying with a high school group at a different resort (one of the All stars).

We aren’t going to get any information about their reservation numbers or anything like that.

Can I add her to my res, buy her a MagicBand, then have her link it up at the parks/resort when she gets there so she can use it to buy stuff and interact with the statues?

Disney was acting like I had to wait until I get her info and I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

Why can’t I add her to my res, buy the bands, then remove her after they arrive?

I don’t see why you couldn’t add her to your hotel room reservation if you have enough room for occupancy. From there, you can get her a magic band and she can charge things to your room. you can leave her on the reservation.

I don’t know how it works with high school groups and reservations but it’s possible that she might not be able to get a magic band for her room or even to work on her door.


Yep link it before you go.

Kid can use a card to open the All Stars door.

Ok, so to add her to the res, it was either an extra $15 or $15/day. Not worth the whopping $7 savings of buying the magic band in the parks when she arrives (or the $6 shipping if I were to order it).

So hopefully they will give us a reservation number so we can order it from her room/account before the trip.

If not, we’ll just buy one when she gets there. The one she wants is not online. I could only get it through the reservation. It’s just plain blue so I can’t imagine it being hard to find. I had a ton to choose from.

She doesn’t really need a magic band if she has the cards and/or her phone. I doubt she will be able to charge to her group room, so she would just need a method of payment, which could be set up through MDE for mobile order and such. If she did LLs, she could tap in using card or phone.

That extra adult fee is rather annoying. And it is definitely per day FWIW…


I know. I even got her my credit card in her name (I trust her) so she’ll be fine. She just wants a navy one and it’s not available at shop disney. It’s more for fun to interact with the statues and stuff, not necessity so much.

It was just a hassle.

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I understand that! My kids loved the interaction with statues and the light up features :slight_smile:

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