Resort Hopping - Need advice for a no-park-ticket stay

We just decided to escape the cold for a bit and rented a townhouse in Orlando for a month starting next week. We will not be going into the parks, but we want to soak in as much Disney magic as we can with some little resort visits. Right now, I’m planning to visit/walk around just about every resort that’s open (except Riviera and Saratoga I think). Any tips on little outside details to find and enjoy? Or a favorite QS dish/dessert we should grab? Dole whip at Poly is a must of course! We were also planning to ride the skyliner between resorts.
Also, if anyone has any insight or tips that they think would be helpful for resort hopping in these Covid times, that would be much appreciated. I know masks are mandated on property at all times.


You’re going to need an ADR to get access to a resort’s parking lot. SOME people have reported being allowed to park with a valid mobile order on their phones, but not everyone.

You’re probably going to be better off parking at Disney Springs and taking resort transportation from there.


It seems crazy that people with mobile orders would be turned away. We’d probably be looking for QS, so this certainly could be an issue. Thanks for mentioning it.

It really seems to be dependent on the guard - I’ve seen reports from pretty much all resorts where it was no issue and others where it was. Probably because a mobile order could be cancelled without penalty.

I’m so envious. Lol. Currently at work but I’ll check back later on and send you some ideas.


I think it would be worth it to pay for parking at the TTC to do the monorail loop and WL. They will ask if you have a MK reservation but I think that’s more of a courtesy so that guests aren’t sent to the gate without knowing they need a reservation.


We discovered Coronado Springs Resort last trip and it’s a beautiful place to explore. I recommend showing up about an hour before sunset and attempt to join the walk up list for 3 bridges bar and grill. They open at 4:30. That should get you in the gate. Ask for a seat by the water. I recommend the warm manchego chips/cheese dip and the braised pork nachos. Both very good and reasonably priced. Casual dining at a QS price. Afterwards walk around the lake then make your way up to Dahlia lounge on the 16th floor of the Grand Destino tower and enjoy some coffee/expresso/cocktails from the outdoor deck. Nice view of Galaxys Edge at HS. They open at 7pm.

If you time it right, you’ll catch a beautiful sunset from 3 Bridges and watch the tower and the entire resort transition from day to night.

If joining the walk up list for 3 bridges doesn’t work to get you into the resort ( I don’t see why it wouldn’t) you can also mobile order from 3 bridges and there’s plenty of tables along the lake front to enjoy a meal as well.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding but you don’t need a park reservation to park at TTC or any park. The parking CMs just look at my AP and wave me through. Also I’ve made ADRs to get into a resort and been a no show determining that paying $10 bucks as a no show is a cheap parking fee. BUT I want to share that I have yet to be charged the 10 bucks; maybe it’s a covid policy? Why would I make a reservation? Just to get in… do the monorail loop or the skyliner tour. Also we don’t want to eat indoors. Correct me if I’m wrong but, can’t you eat at Rainforest cafe w/o a AK ticket?

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Yes you can. The entrance from Rainforest into Animal Kingdom has a ticket booth. So it’s technically outside of the park on both entrances

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My kids love that place. To me it’s like an expensive chili’s. But we’ve eaten there a lot and have the gear to prove it! Ha ha

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I just booked this resort for this weekend and I’m taking this advice this very Saturday so thanks!


Did you try the pool bar for lunch? Any recommendations there?

I have been asked if I have a park reservation by the parking CM every time but I do not have an AP so that might be the difference. It’s my understanding, too, that you don’t need a park res just to park. I think asking is just to prevent guests without a park res from getting angry because they paid $$ for parking and then can’t get into the park.

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We were thinking about riding from Poly but their station is closed, isn’t it?

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Love this idea! I forgot to mention that we’ll be traveling with ds4 and ds14m so that is the main reason TS is not our preference. Outdoor QS where one parent could order and wait and one could wander with kids until food gets to the table is much more doable.
I will also be doing some of these adventures on mornings when my husband is working so we’ll wander around and then get a treat or an early lunch.

Unfortunately it is still closed but still not a bad place to start. It’s an easy walk to the GF or TTC.


oh well… that makes sense! I did wonder about that as I wrote it… but an AP is just a ticket no park reservation still. I wonder if they turn ppl around w/o park reservations cuz I’ve never been asked to prove/show I have one?

The monorail isn’t running to poly right now, but it is a close walk to the TTC from the poly as @AltaD states

Just my guess but I’m thinking that asking if you have a park reservation is more of a courtesy to screen out uninformed guests who didn’t know they needed reservations before they have paid for parking.

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Sorry, did not try the pool bar. However, I did pop down for a swim right when they opened at 10am and had the entire Dig Site pool to myself for a solid half hour, (besides the 4 lifeguards Lol) then I popped into the hot tub and again, not a soul to be found. The resort was seemingly empty during park hours. Enjoy!!

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