Resort help please?!?!

I have only stayed at FQPO, so I dont know enough about other resorts to pick. And POFQ is not available for my dates and this promotion. In early December 2020, with a 4 year old, would you choose POR, Shades of Green, or a value resort? Which value resort do you recommend? Will they all be refurbished by then? I’m looking more for the best value, not any swimming probably, due to cooler weather.

Would staying on the new Skyliner route be of interest to you? If so, go with Pop. If not and all you want is to have a nice discounted room check out All-Star Movies. They just finished an entire refurbishment.

New All-Star rooms

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Who else is in your party? I haven’t stayed at SOG but have heard great things about it (got two thumbs up from my friend’s 4yo son). It’s close to MK which would probably be your main park with a 4yo. We did ASMovies and POR last year. We’re doing one night at AKL this December and then moving over to AoA-Nemo for a week.

I was trying to get my 6yo son excited about the Nemo room last night. His feedback…
“Can’t we stay in a Lion King suite instead?” No, mommy finds that color scheme too garish.
“Can’t we stay at ASMovies instead? I want to see Sorcerer Mickey again.” Kiddo - I’m giving you animals and then a suite.
“What about that other place we stayed last year with the slide [POR]?” Gives up, drinks wine.

Meanwhile this was the kid who insisted we needed to stay at Yacht Club on our next trip. So…the 4 yo will probably be happy with any resort. Pools are heated and my kids will go in regardless of temperature (I bundle up in towels to keep warm on the lounger).

Refurbs: ASMovies are almost fully done their refurb. I think they started refurbishing the Music now. POR was undergoing refurbishment too and I haven’t heard that it is complete.

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I think my daughter would LOVE the skyliner!

Yeah, I dont know that my daughter would exactly care where we were staying. It’s all Disney! So ease of transportation and price are really the main drivers. I would love pop for the skyline and price. But shades of green is a great location to MK.

Pop is one of the more expense “value” resorts now because of it’s access to this, but is a nice and clean hotel.

I suggest starting to map out your touring plan and then evaluating your transportation options and time from the resorts you are considering.

Pop has always been a bit above the All Stars in price even before these. No clue why.

But occasionally there will be a glitch - at least that’s what I’m calling it. When I booked my trip starting tonight Pop was the least expensive - and it was never that after I got my confirmation. And even with the discounts the All Stars never got lower. But it is so random for that to happen I can only assume it was, like I said, a glitch.

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You can also find deals on Pop with Hotel Canary, but they tend to be within 30 - 45 days of travel.

Yeah… I plan ahead and use a TA. I don’t like consolidation websites.


I’ve stayed at POR, WL, and Shades of Green, and I would call Shades of Green the best value by far. I have no complaints about POR or WL (WL in particular is lovely), but you really can’t beat SoG for what you get for your money.

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Thanks everyone!

I can only speak for our experience, but we thought Pop was a good value. When we stayed it was just barely more expensive than the All-Stars and we thought it was worth it for what we perceived as better transportation options. The room was clean, attractive and while small, it had great storage options. The resort decorations are a touch garish for my taste, but I’m guessing I’d feel that way about all the Values and my kids liked them a lot.