Resort Event discounts after Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opens

this may be premature, but can we still anticipate special events and discounts at the Disneyland Hotel for summer 2019? We are in Washington state. My daughter’s dance studio attended Showstoppers national dance competition in July of 2016. I believe we got a special rate of $200/night at DLH. The studio is probably planning to go back to this competition summer of 2019, just presuming it will be like it was before. But with everything surrounding SGE, how likely is it even that these events will take place there like usual, with the big discounts? I may need to advise the studio not to assume it will be like it was before?

I have serious doubts about discounts once SGE opens, but I have been wrong before. I would count on no discounts and be pleasantly surprised if they do surface.

Right. I’m skeptical if they’ll even have the event there, let alone offer the discount, since the discount is an incentive to have the event there in the first place. And if no discount, it’s not as viable for the groups I’m sure…

There may not even be rooms available, depending on how crazy it is. I know people who have been saving up to go all out when SGE opens. We are talking GC opening week kind of crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!

There’ll be a bucket at the entrance to the park. You will be instructed to drop all your money from all sources into the bucket. You will then be granted admission. Tens of thousands of people will do this each day. Disney will then complain that its vaults aren’t big enough to store all the money.


well, what was $200 in 2016 is now $286 for 2018, GCH for $329, roughly 1/2 price. The dance competition website does already show it on the schedule for DLH late July 2019. I’m still not convinced. not sure if I should should tight and see what happens or email them and see if its really still on track. as if whoever got the email would really know…

True story.

To be granted anything beyond admission will be the cost of firstborn children or favorite pets.

On a slow day yes.

But the poor, poor Disney shareholders with their never full-enough pockets!


This is the next refurbishment on tap!

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FYI, i did email the dance organizers. Will see if i get a response and will update if I do. My biggest concern at this point is the event is still at DLH with no discounted rooms and we still go. Or it’s somewhere else in Anaheim, and we still have to go.

Got a reply:

The Competition WILL be held at Disneyland Hotel. As far as we know we will also have a discounted room rate. It will be posted 6 months before the competition.

So now I’ll just hold my breath until January…

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That is great news! Maybe they put this all together before they knew exactly when SGE was opening!

Discounts just after SGE opens?



I was up and ready when the window opened this morning. I was just able to book DLH in July through our group for $295.00/night. would be $50/more a night for Fantasy Tower which I did not do. Still 6 months away and I’m just sitting here saying “now what?”