Resort discounts- what are the chances

I’m 30 days out from my stay at CBR. I booked the room using my AP discount, and the only rooms being offered for that deal were preferred water/pool views and pirate rooms. I chose the preferred room because the price tag was a little less. I’ve been checking every week to see if they added standard rooms to that deal- and so far they haven’t.

It appears that if I go in and try to book a standard room only (no “discounts”) rooms are available (at a hefty price.
So, will there ever be a point where they decide to offer these rooms under the AP discount rate? I would think they get to a point where selling the room at a discount is better than not booking it. I’d love to save a few bucks if I could.

They did offer AP standard rooms at CBR but they all booked up fast. At one point I had one for the first week April. All you can do is keep checking to see if someone cancels.