Resort Decorations for Xmas

My family is leaving for WDW on 11/8 and returning on 11/14. Wanted to see if anyone knew when the resorts start decorating for Xmas. We will be at the Yacht Club this year. First time visiting during the holidays.

They are most likely being put up today.

I was there last year the week before Thanksgiving (Nov 16-23). The tree at AKL went up the Wednesday we were there. The WL tree was still not up the next day, and the GF tree was still not up on the Saturday. Didn’t get to the BW-area resorts. ALL of the park decorations were up.

I think they start prepping and doing some decorations between now and Thanksgiving, but they are “unofficially” done on the day after Thanksgiving. When we were there a few years ago the AKL tree went up the overnight of Thanksgiving. So when we woke on Friday everything was decorated.

My understanding was they were starting to put them out already. And if the articles are true that they are filming Disney/ABC Christmas day parade Nov 10-13, they should have them all up soon.

Thanks everyone for the information. Looking forward to seeing MK all decorated. First time!!

When we arrived at MK this morning, it was decorated for Christmas! It was pretty cool because they had done it overnight. When we were there yesterday, all of the Halloween decorations were still up.