Resort capacity

Are the resorts operating at lower capacity due to covid? It looks like several resorts are no longer available mid-October. I’m wondering if they are truly already maxed out or if they are maxed out at a lower capacity limit imposed by covid restrictions. If it’s the latter, I suppose more availability could open up between now and then.

I don’t believe there are limitations on capacity other than not all resorts being open.

Which ones are not open right now?

All Star music & sports, both port orleans, animal kingdom lodge.

I’m noticing too that there is very limited availability at certain times, possibly much of the time. I’m looking at doing a long weekend in June and the only option available for my dates with AP discount or the regular 30% offer is AOA family suites. Even at regular rates, there are many resorts sold out. Rather than pay full price for Pop, I’ve decided to take the Swan off my bucket list as it isn’t much more $ and offers a lot more in terms of amenities and location. For two potential weeks in August (either/or), I’m looking at CSR. The first week has plenty of availability but the second has almost none. They really do need to open up more resorts as they increase capacity.

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Is there a way to keep an eye on whether more rooms become available?

Not really. Even travel agents can’t see what inventory is, it just tells if there’s a room for the date you put in.

Just keep checking.

I have been wondering the same thing. Availability of rooms seems limited to me too. We have a trip coming up in May, and I keep checking availability at our resort (in case I want to change room type) and there is nothing. Seems strange if parks are operating at 35% capacity?

I wonder if fewer people are opting for off-site rooms because of the potential variability in safety standards of staying at a non-Disney property? So a greater proportion of that 35% is onsite?

The TAs among us might know?

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I think Disney has effectively matched room availability to park capacity. Notice that most days, park availability is full up. So opening more rooms wouldn’t help because parks are still full. People would be able to stay on-site, but not get into the parks!

So, essentially, Disney has almost perfected the balance.

Once they open up further park capacity, they can open up the remaining resorts.


My TA (and her boss) have both assured me that even seemingly sold out resorts are not 100% full but sold to whatever Disney’s current capacity is.


Interesting! Gives me hope for a trip I’d like to plan!

While capacity may be limited at some resorts, it is not the same at all. Specifically, CSR has recently been booked to full capacity, even though park capacity is limited. Feature pool (and even some of the quiet pools) have had a waiting list daily because resort capacity is so high (yet pool capacity is limited due to social distancing).

Any idea which resorts are not being sold to 100% capacity right now? Oct 14-23 has pretty limited options. We’re booked at Pop but my girls would love to move that to AoA LM room which is showing unavailable.

I think the deluxe resorts are only using DVC rooms mainly

So far. Beach Club, Boardwalk, Wilderness Lodge, and Poly are all set to reopen in the coming months.

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No. And others have questioned if what my TA and her boss said is correct - that could be guessing as well.

I would have booked Pop over AoA for my early October trip. I would switch with you if it was later in the month! :grin:

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Upon further investigation, it looks like my trip just has 2 nights unavailable out of the 9 were are going. Does anyone have any tips/tricks in that situation? One is the first night, the other is the 7th of 9, so it’s not something that could be easily resolved with a split stay.

Just keep checking and cross fingers that something might open up?