Resort Buses/Transportation

I have a question about the Universal Resort Buses. I am soon to head out on my first trip to UO and am staying offsite (there are specific reasons for this), and I wanted to know if you can ride resort buses to/from the park if you are not staying at the resort. For the most part I should be able to walk, and am happy to do so, but there are one or two nights that I plan to stay in the park/City Walk late and am not sure if I will want to walk back all the way by myself. I am staying near the Endless Summer resorts and as a backup wanted to see if I could take the bus to any of those and then walk the short distance to my hotel from there. Thanks!

I have never been asked to prove I was staying at the resort when riding the busses at the end of the day.


Wow, that is good to know!

@Whimsie for reference, here is what TP says about walking.

This is great, thank you both! Hopefully there will be lots of people around in these areas, but traveling solo, I always like to have a plan B in the back of my head of getting to/from locations.


Sure, forgot to say Welcome to the forums! Let us know if you have any more questions and have a great trip!