Resort buses to the parks

I want to arrive at MK no later than 7:15 on an 8:00 am emh day. Staying at BC. But am I correct that the earliest bus will leave BC at 7:00 or maybe later? If so, id probably take a cab to CR, right?

Although they may say buses start an hour before opening, usually the first buses are well before that. Even if the first bus left at 7:00, I think you would be there close to 7:15. Just think, the bus drops you off right at the gate.

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I’ve never had the first bus show up more than 5 minutes past the scheduled time. But I have missed the first bus because of the number of people ahead of me in the line.

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At POR the “official” time would be 8:00 for a 9:00 opening. Buses always arrived at the bus stop between 7:30-7:50. I find I am a little slower these days knowing I have FPs all set.