Resort bus to PPO breakfast?

I know they say that buses start 45 minutes before park opening, but what about PPO ADRs? Specifically Garden Grill at 8:10 on a 9am park open. Will there be a bus running early enough to get there? (I’d rather not spend extra money on a Lyft…)

Or should I change to Cape May around 8:30 and plan on a DHS bus and walking since DHS has EMH starting at 8?

Buses start around 6.30.

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Thanks. To all parks?

Which resort? A long long time ago (bye bye miss American pie… oh sorry distracted) I was able to do PPO breakthrough by bus without issue but nowadays I just Lyft


Granted, I may find out the night before that a miracle has happened and my cruise bus pick up is 10:30 or 11, so it would be a moot point.

Hmm. I think all parks have pre RD breakfasts, so they should all start coming around that time. Not exactly at that time necessarily, 4 won’t drive up at once. But even the 7am bus will get you there in plenty of time.


Awesome! Thanks!

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We had no issues getting a MK bus from AOA. I think we got. 7:10 bus and that wasn’t the first one. You can check the app to see if the buses are running.

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Last summer we had an 8:10 Garden Grill reservation. We took a bus from FQ. I can’t remember the exact time, but it wasn’t before 7:00. We were the only ones on the bus and made it to Epcot very quickly.

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