Resort booking question

Currently planning to book a group rate that ends 1 night before my departure. So, I will need to book one extra night (the last night of the stay) at what is currently rack rate. How should I book this to take advantage of any future discount? Should I book the first 8 nights at the group rate and then another reservation for the last night? Is this necessary to apply the discount if room-only promotion comes out for that one date? As two reservations means I may have to change rooms for the last night potentially. Or can I book all 9 nights in one reservation and then apply a future discount to just the last night of the stay? The future discount will not beat the group rate for sure.

I would just request the longer stay when booking the group rate. You won’t be able to apply a discount to one night of that reservation but you maY be able to get the group rate. If not then I suppose you’ll have to book it separately. You can ask them to link the reservations to improve the chances you won’t have to move rooms but there is no guarantee on that.

Why? Is there a minimum booking for room only now?

You can’t apply a booking to one night of an already exisiting reservation. It would have to be a separate booking. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Thanks. That’s what I thought but wasn’t sure. Its just so much easier to have a continuous reservation–but not sure if the potential inconvenience or $ is more worth it. FWIW, the rack rate for Pop for my last night is $235!!