Resort at Christmas time

We are booked at gran destino but are considering switching to poly or boardwalk for our mid December trip. We are celebrating my bday and wedding anniversary. Poly is our favorite overall but wanted to know what everyone thought about resorts at Christmas?

What exactly do you want to know?

The resorts are minimally decorated - like a tree and some other decorations but not to the scale that Main Street is, IMO.

I would pick the resort based on amenities and/or proximity to the park that I would spend most time at.

Some resorts decor is better than others. If I recall correctly, the Poly is one of the least decorated resorts. Not familiar with the Boardwalk decor.
Wilderness, Grand Floridian and AKL have the best, imo.

We stayed at Gran Destino and Boardwalk for our late November/early December trip last year. The lobby at Gran Destino is gorgeous!! They had a beautiful tree and everything was very tastefully decorated. Boardwalk has a beautiful gingerbread display. Overall, I think I liked the style of decorations at Gran Destino better. But I loved the location of Boardwalk.

Either way, I’d recommend taking a day and touring the deluxe resorts and their decorations. Of the monorail resorts, I think Grand Floridian was the best decorated (Poly and Contemporary were pretty sparse). Wilderness Lodge is beautiful in any season, but particularly at Christmas. Of the Epcot resorts I think I liked Yacht Club best, but I’m a sucker for nautical themes. We didn’t actually make it to AKL, so now I have an excuse for another Christmas trip :crazy_face:

I’d also recommend going to Ft. Wilderness one night to see the decorations that the campers put up. We did the carriage ride and also rented a golf cart because we wanted to see as much as possible. So fun!!!

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I could be wrong, but I think the issue this year is whether or not you will even be able to do resort hopping to see all the different resort Christmas decorations given the COVID safety procedures WDW is following which restrict resort visits, and the possibility that some resorts may not even be open. Otherwise, I agree with ninjasherrie on the best decorated resorts. Never having stayed at gran destino, it is one I’d be interested in seeing at Christmas. I’m sure it will be done up nicely.

WL is our favorite holiday resort. We make a trip to it even if we are staying somewhere else. We get cocoa and sit by the fire and the tree

I know you can definitely visit resorts if you have an ADR there.

Correct. Since we will be limited on parks, we really want to stay at a resort we can just sit and enjoy.

Christmas! Last December I stayed at my home resort WL:

We visited the monorail resorts. You asked about Poly:

We went to BW:

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Overall, the EP area resorts are my favorite and if you can’t resort hop, you should be able to there?


My very favorite…YC


Those pics are great! We are leaning towards the Epcot resorts

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Christmas at Disney is the best!

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Thanks for giving me an excuse to post them!

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Loving the pics @PrincipalTinker!!

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That’s a very good idea. We visited every resort at Christmas 2 years ago (along with the entire population of Florida it seemed who wanted to do the same thing that day :laughing:) and as PrincipalTinker photos show … each and everyone was wonderful. You won’t be disappointed.

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Your pictures made me cry tears of fond memories.