Resort advice BWI or YC

My husband and I have a club level standard room booked for our anniversary at the Yacht Club. Recently, we upgraded to AP and have some additional room discounts now available to us as a result. We are thinking about switching to a BWI standard club level room now for a couple dollars a night more than what we are already paying for the YC. Reasons we are considering switching: DH likes the idea of the nightlife and atmosphere of BWI, the standard room views seem better at BWI (with less chance of a rooftop or parking lot vw), and we’ve read good things about their club level food. Reasons not to switch: I prefer the look of the yacht club rooms strongly (at least in pictures) and maybe the pool…but it’s a short stay so not sure how much pool time we will have. Does anyone have any specific experience with both of these resorts? Specifically with standard views and the club lounge? Thanks for any advice.

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I have stayed in a standard view YC CL room

I love the YC but I have read the same reports of BWI and that CL. My favorite CL is actually WL and I hear BW is very close. Two things: YC is basically on the Boardwalk , to me it is the same nightlife. My other hesitation is that I have learned over the years that CL offerings can change. Just because BW May have an omelet station in Sundays for a year, it does not mean it will still be that way next month, or next week.


Thanks for the input. I know either way we will be happy. There’s no bad choices in this situation but you know how it is when you you’re trying to make a decision :blush:. We didn’t do anything for our 20 year anniversary so we want to do something special for 21!

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We had the same considerations as you, and chose the BWI. I like the YC but it’s set back from the water a bit. You do have to take a boat over to the Boardwalk or walk fairly far for the nightlife, so it’s not as accessible from the YC. It’s also quite a bit further to DHS as compared to BWI. Also, the BWI seems to continue to have among the best (if not THE best) food offerings of the lounges, so that factored into our calculation as we will be using it quite a bit. Of course, as @PrincipalTinker mentioned that can change, too.

Pluses for YC- they either did have/are having a room refurb and the rooms look gorgeous- BWI is in need of that, I think. Also, the YC has a fabulous pool if a pool day is in your plans.

Lol, I have a voucher for two CL nights. I have had this for almost two years . Maybe someday I will decide to use it!

I found a pretty good map of the area that I hope will work

Thaxter Clavemarlton uploaded this image to

We like to go to BlueZoo at the Dolphin but get a Uber/Lyft from the YC. A couple of weeks ago we decided not to go directly to YC, but purposely walked past the Boardwalk and BC. It is such a great area.