RESOLVED: The "configure fax" option has wrong reservation date

I used the “configure fax” button at TouringPlans to prepare a room request for our upcoming stay. The problem is that the FAX shows the wrong check-in date.

The reservation # is correct. But their fax lists our reservation# and says we’re checking on Mar.30. It’s wrong… we’re checking in on Mar.29! I completed the check-in via MyDisneyExperience, and MDE confirms that our check-in date is Mar.29.

Why is TouringPlans screwing up our check-in date? I’m worried that the fax they’ll send (in a couple days) is going to screw up our hotel reservation & room selection.

TouringPlans takes the check-in date from your TouringPlans TRIP, not from your Disney reservation #. So I “edited” our “trip”. (When you click your “dashboard”, the trip title appears, and gives you the option to edit it.) The “trip” is different than the “touring plan”. Our touring plan is for Mar.30 at MK, but our trip begins Mar.29 at the Disney hotel. After putting the correct dates for the “trip”, the ConfigureFax option now shows the true check-in date.
Hope this helps someone.

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On your dashboard on the touring plans site, check what your trip dates are set to. They may be wrong there and if they are, it would carry over to the fax. At least, I think that’s how it works.

Yep, Beth33 you are right.

I hadn’t understood the difference between TRIP vs TouringPlan (park day).