Resident looking for advice on a overnight UOR Resort to stay at

We’ve never stayed over at Universal and I am thinking maybe we should check out one of the resorts there and spend a weekend. We are only 140 miles from Orlando so its not a far drive.

Anyone have any advice on which one to stay at? and whats a good price for them. they seem to be pricer than WDW for all the rooms in general but has some added perks.

Also, does anyone know what the resident rate percentage off is?


HRH tend to cater more for teenagers, RPR more towards youngers ones and PBH is more for adults who want pampering.

Do you have a Universal AP? It gets you like half off.

I like Cabana Bay. Good rates. Fun decor. No Express Pass though (but you do get early entry).

No, no AP… Unlike WDW we find Universal to be a once every few years place to visit. Last time we went Rip Rock it Coaster was new.

We liked Royal Pacific Resort. Walk or boat to the parks. Getting Express Pass included was the main reason we decided to stay onsite but it turned out to be a good choice for convenience, as well. The hotel was fine, your basic 4 star. It is very nice but there is not anything too terribly memorable about it unlike Animal Kingdom Lodge or the Poly. We did not dine onsite, but were in the parks from open to close for two days.

From what I have seen I think Royal Pacific is the one we would like the most. Hard Rock seems… cheesy, and Portofino Bay doesnt seem very deluxe to me (maybe have to see it in person)

looking like I can get Royal Pacific for around $249 a night the time I am looking at… doesnt seem that bad.

We have stayed at Royal Pacific and Hard Rock. My tweens loved the waterslide and pool at Hard Rock, hubby and I loved the space in the deluxe 2 queen room and the quick walk to the parks. We also enjoyed the pool bar at Hard Rock while the kids played in the pool. Perfect resort for the tween/teen crowd. Royal Pacific was great as well. Liked the Polynesian feel, my DD loved the hula lessons and DS loved the fire thrower entertainment at night. We like the price, cheapest of the 3. Closer to IOA then Uni, very close to parks compared to WDW hotels and parks. The express passes are the best thing since sliced bread! I won’t be able to go there without staying onsite with express, it is so convenient and well worth the price. With express you only need to have a plan for Harry Potter attractions, everything else in the parks including show you can wing. Did I mention the express passes are the best thing since sliced bread? :open_mouth: $249 a night sounds great- right now rack rate for cheapest room just before Easter 2015 in $389.


Here’s the giant deluxe 2 queen rooms at Hard Rock. Also has sofa bed and kitchenette area.


Portofino is more deluxe than anything at Disney (except the new 4 Seasons) but Cabana Bay & Royal Pacific are my personal favorites. Be sure to ask about Florida Resident rates, the discount is often almost as good as the AP discount.