Reserving Space 220

Is the Disney app or calling Disney the only two ways to reserve Space 220? I’m trying to reserve for June 2 or 6…but it doesn’t seem to be listed on the app as available. Are there any tips to help get a reservation?

I suggest using the TouringPlans reservation finder.

Truth is, that is a difficult one to obtain, even at 60 days out because it is often booked 60+length of stay for other on-site guests. June 6 is 60+2 days out, I think, so that might already be booked up.

BUT, try doing searches using both the various time ranges around when you want it as well as if you use the Dinner/Lunch search options, because sometimes one will show availability but not the other even though both should. (Blame Disney IT.)

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thanks for the tips

I was looking for the lounge, not the main dining room, and reservations weren’t even loaded at 60+10. I set a reservation finder so I got an alert when they opened.

I used the TP Res Finder and it just came through with a date and time that works for me :grin: (for the lounge)



when you use the reservation finder on touring plans, when it finds it and texts/emails you…is that basically your cue to go on the app and book it?

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can you sit 5 at the lounge? and order food normally?

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There will be a link that will take you directly to booking it. You must act quickly!

I’m sure you can sit 5 although I don’t have experience with it, we only had 4. You can order from the lounge menu or have the full prix fixe.

No you can’t sit five in the lounge. We had this problem in January. The tables only seat four and they are tiny. They’re honestly too small for even four people.


Does anyone know if they have a kids menu available in the space 220 lounge? The menu on the website only has some apps listed for food but I know others have said you can order off of the regular menu as well, wondering if that’s true for kids.

Good question. I haven’t been with kids.

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I haven’t tried this myself yet, but I read a trip report on another forum and they were able to order the chicken tenders off the regular menu and split it between their kids even though they were seated in the lounge.

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Have read that you can order from the lunch/dinner menu but if you do you have to do the pre fixe, not just pick and choose.