Reserving a room on property for ONE night

Hi TP friends! I had a few questions about booking accommodations on property and knew this was the place to come. Forgive me for my ignorance!

-when I make a reservation and “check out”, how/what is my credit card charged? I am asking this mostly related to my second question…

-looking to book a value room on property for 1 or 2 nights beginning of November. My first search on my old iPhone wasn’t letting me change the departure date, so it turned up results for a 6 night stay. For that search I saw decent prices for POP and All star Movies. Minutes later (Excited) I moved to my laptop and entered in the correct nights stay. This time no rooms came up as available. Does this mean Disney doesn’t allow/give good rates for short stays?? Wondering if it is ok/possible to book the longer stay and go back and modify? I don’t want to do anything improper but I am a little confused by it all.

Thanks so much in advance!

I’m guessing you are asking if the card is charged?

Yes. Ergo your one night would be paid for at booking.

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They have been tightening up on modifying reservations. Also the algorithms they use try to stop “orphan” nights appearing in the system.

I would just call and ask if there is availability.


I couldn’t modify my reservation online even though I could see availability. A phone call and lengthy period on hold did adjust my dates. I had already paid for one night and that did not change. HTH!


Thanks everyone! Off to wait on a Disney rep on the phone…

Sometimes Priceline (not express) has had good prices on rooms foe single nights…

Thank you! I literally just ended up booking on Priceline- All star movies for ~$160/night for 2 nights in September( I meant to say sept in my original post). I figured this was pretty good? I still plan on calling Disney but figured I should snap it up while it was still available.

Excellent! Yes, it never hurts as you can cancel until fairly close to the date.