Reservations when in doubt

We hope to go to WDW in February, but there are a few factors that might keep us from making the trip. Is it better to book the resort so I can make ADRs now, and then cancel (research tells me that I can cancel the resort reservation without penalty) or wait to book until I know for sure? We would like to do breakfast at 'Ohana, lunch at Be Our Guest, dinners at Liberty Tree Tavern, Boma, and Art Smith’s Homecoming at Disney Springs.

I would just make the dining reservations at day 180- one day at a time. You do not need a resort reservation yo do that.


I don’t think that any of those ADRs are so difficult to get that you would benefit from 180+10. I would follow @PrincipalTinker’s advice and just go with regular 180 ADRs, unless you want to get the room reservation in place just in case too.

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