Reservations not a thing at Universal Orlando!?

I’m planning a trip to Universal Orlando the week of January 22, 2022. I see that reservations are not a thing for the restaurants in the Universal Parks. Specifically, I’m interested in Leaky Cauldron and Three Broomsticks. Am I going to have a problem getting in to those for lunch or dinner? Do they allow you to put your name in then come back? Should I expect a long wait?

There are 2 restaurants in each park that do take reservations. Here is some info if you do plan to reserve on property.

For the Potter ones, planning a meal early or late will really help. I don’t think they allow putting your name in. But even worse case, it should not be too long a wait in January.


It’s a counter service restaurant.


Also at the HP restaurants, they might not be open for dinner.
We were there first week of Feb. 2020 so pre-lockdown, and close to when you’ll go. We didn’t wait and we ate there a few times. Now that social distancing isn’t a thing anymore, I expect Jan 2022 to be like Feb 2020.
It was the social distancing inside the restaurants that changed things.