Reservations at Ogo’s Cantina

I’m looking 2 months out and don’t see one open dining slot (any time of day) for DL Ogo’s Cantina. Is this typical? Is there a hack to fining a reservation?

I just looked at Mouse Dining and there seems to be one reservation (for two days from now) in the next 60 days. That seems excessive. I would set an alert. If they are not released yet, the alert will let you know when they are!

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I looked for reservations at midnight 60 out from my trip and nothing was available. What’s going on?

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I believe ADRs drop at 6am EDT.


There are a bunch available right now at 60 days out- hopefully you were able to get what you needed!

I have tried many times 60 days out and i always just get the message that nothing is available. I even got up at midnight to try to get in.

Sorry when I posted I thought it was Disney world we were discussing. I would definitely set up and alert. Sorry you are having such a tough time getting that one.

If you were up right at 60 days at 6AM PT for DLR times to drop & there weren’t any, then it’s highly likely the restaurant just hasn’t uploaded their schedule to the system to open up ADR’s. It’s a very common occurrence out west and it could take anywhere from day 59-29 for it to finally actually show up.

If you set a free dining alert at a site that does watch DLR dining you’ll get an email notification once reservations show up so you can know what that finally is. Or keep randomly checking because it will load eventually.

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I remember timing being key when I got one for our last trip. Was on at 6am PT 60 days out and a few time slots were already gone. It was fully booked within minutes as I recall.