Reservation # vs. Confirmation #

I’m being asked by the Touring Plans software for my Reservation #… presumably so that it can build that into my room request auto-fax later on. On MDE, I can find my Confirmation #, but not the Reservation #. Please advise?


That is the number I always use.

I just did this the other day. I found a reservation number on MDE if I looked at my reservation and then clicked “details.” It was different than the confirmation number, but I don’t know if it really makes any difference.

When you say “that”, which of the two do you mean?

I have always used the confirmation number in MDE. Funny, when I booked a bounce back in September the system was acting crazy and they could not find me. They told me that these days any number in MDE is your pre check in number so you should be fine!

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