Reservation notification

My husband told me that I can somehow track two reservations using this site and that I will get a notification of the reservation becomes available. can someone tell me if this is the case and if so how I do it?

Go to the site and either subscribe to it (which allows you to customise touring plans, see crowd calendars and a whole lot more) or sign up to basic access.

The Reservation Finder is then available to use. You enter the entails of the restaurant, date or date range and time you want , and you can be notified by text and/or email.

Click here for a link to the reservation finder.. It is a free tool but you have a TP subscription, since you are posting here- right? Log onto the TP site and sign up!

Oh duh - lol! :laughing:

It was late, I wasn’t thinking… where’s the head banging emoji when you need it? I’m so used to redirecting people to TP from another site I do it on autopilot.