Reservation issue

Hi. We are planning a trip next month. My Akershus Reservation got cancelled by mistake and I immediately was able to rebook it. However, now it is a reservation for the Epcot Festival of the Arts dinner show. Basically, its the same time, number of people, and restaurant as the original reservation but now comes with VIP tickets to a show. I have called to ask if I can revert back to the non-dinner show status and I was told “No”. We are using the dining plan and what would have normally cost us 1 table service credit is now costing us 2. Is there any hope in reverting back?

I think you are looking at canceling it again and rebooking as a normal reservation, I don’t know of any way to “Convert” a reservation.

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The best way to do this is to cancel the Epcot Festival of the Arts Dinner show and rebook your AKershus reservation. Now there is risk involved here as you may not get the time or day you would like. If you don’t mind paying two credits for the Dinner show then keep what is a guarantee. Using the Reservation finder out here has gotten me many reservations I did not book when I should have. I have also change times on reservations I had by simple waiting for the time I wanted to show up on reservation finder and jumping on it. If I get it, I cancel the one I already have. Personally I do not ever spend two credits for any dinner reservation but for signature restaurants many do. Now a far a reservation finder is concerned you must be very quick in your response before someone else jumps on it when notified. First as soon as notified of a reservation within your limits, except it right away. After you have gotten the reservation look to see if it meets your needs and not before. If it does not you can cancel it and it will go back into the que. Also if you have a reservation somewhere else or at the same place make sure it is at least one hour from what you now want. Reason being here is that when going for a reservation via reservation finder you must be very quick to get it if the restaurant is hard to get and Akershus is one of them. Upon going to the link for Disney reservations it will look to see if you have any other reservation within an hour of this reservation. If you do it will try to have you cancel the first reservation before it will make this new one. By the time you do this chances are pretty good you will have lost the opportunity to someone else. Now there is hope to get a reservation this way using reservation finder. You may not get the reservation the first time and maybe not even the 10th. The closer it gets to the reservation date your looking for the more they will start popping up. This is because many people make reservations that they decide they are not going to use. They must cancel them 24 hour in advance or it will cost them $10 per person on the reservation if they are a no show. Good luck and have a Magical time.

Thank you for your responses. I ended up changing our plans altogether and forgoing the reservation.