Reservation Finder Notification


What email address does the Reservation Finder notifications come from? I want to set my phone to alert me right away about any emails from this address.


If you leave the email blank you can get a text. I found that to be quicker than email. Just my 2 cents.


You can fill in both, as well. I get notifications both in email and text.

Let me see if I can find an old notification so I can tell you where it comes from. I think it comes from resfinder@touringplans but I will verify.


It actually comes from " Alerts" as the displayed name with the email address of ""


Just did it a week ago and the email came from Loved the email because there was a link that took me straight to my MDE account to confirm the reservation. It was awesome. Not sure if there is a link in the text or not.


The text does have a link as well.

The text comes from ResFinder :wink: I knew I saw that somewhere!


Thanks everyone! Love this forum!