Reservation Finder for the win, but I'm still depressed

In the last 2 days I’ve managed to get the perfect time slots for Be Our Guest and Akershus on both of my backup trips. I should feel excited. But I don’t. My backup plans are now as perfect as my original. Yet, I still feel DOOOOOOOM…

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I’m with you. I am so very sad. Dealing with new emotions every day. I haven’t even bothered with reservations for my first backup trip except for Oga’s and Savi’s. My second backup (the realistic one) is planned for November. My kids will be that much older and more difficult to plan with. I’ll have an almost-threenager instead of my sweet 2 year old, and an almost 1-year old who needs real food and real naps instead of a 4 month old who will sleep anywhere and only eats breast milk. Don’t even remind me that a hurricane could come around and cause me to have to cancel that trip too. Or an autumn resurgence of COVID. It’s getting really difficult to “look on the bright side.”

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Don’t mention the “h” word!!!

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This. I came here just to read all the Disney things and feel this feeling where I know people get it and aren’t going to look at me and say “but the world is falling apart!”, which I know and also feel sad and quite overwhelmed about.

I finally brought myself to start cancelling things - we are scheduled starting May 2, and this just isn’t going to be the right time for my family, even if it opens (and I do hope it does). For the moment, I’ve only cancelled the things I can cancel online - EMM, HDDR dinner (not on mealplan, so we prepaid), Captain Hooks Pirate Crew, HEA Dessert Party. Tomorrow, I’ll call and work on hotel, tickets, CLFP’s etc, cars service, etc etc.

DH is sleeping and I’m just sitting here alone realizing that it’s another year to wait. We were so close. I’m so thankful though that my kids seem to be totally ok with this. Makes it a little easier, because I’m bumming. I was so prepared and so excited! I will extend my TP membership, and keep learning from all of you here as I prepare for my visit in 2021 (same week).


And also…I have some good reservations that week, including brunch at Cali Grill on Mother’s Day! If anyone will be there that week and wants to hear what I’ve got, let me know. I’ll happily coordinate dropping them for you. (Ohana Bfast, BOG, 1900PF, Sci fi, HBD, GG breakfast, Sanaa, Rose & Crown, Mexico (can’t think of the name), Oga’s, Homecomin)

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Res finder is great. I still haven’t cancelled the reservations I got thru it even though I won’t be going because border is on lock down for at least 30 days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same here…reservation finder found the last piece of the puzzle a few days after I cancelled everything! It’s losing this moment in time that is so crushing. Even if we all get to go back it won’t be with our kids at the same ages as they are now and we will all be changed by this new reality and whatever grief it brings. So for now we are going to wear our matching shirts, eat snacks as close to the ones we had planned, and watch ride-through videos of all the rides we had planned (starting in 3days when our trip was supposed to start), I’ll give my kid her manicure (complete with Mickey nail art).

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I too am feeling all emotions right now. Reality is setting in, I know I will not make it to Disneyland 4/1. I am trying to reschedule that for November but that was David’s rental and is most likely going to be a total loss. Also, like you I don’t see my 4/17 trip to WDW happening. The only good news is reservation finder just got me Cali Grill for my backup in September.

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We had a blast at WDW couple years ago when our kids were 3 y/o and 13 months old!

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It’s hard to get excited right now. DD4 has excitedly mentioned a couple times recently that she can’t wait for our next Disney World trip. My wife and I just look at each other. We are booked for October, but who knows if it will actually happen. Obviously, they are many far, far more serious issues and concerns in the world right now so I feel somewhat bad even saying that we are disappointed about potentially not being able to go to WDW.

I don’t think anyone should feel bad about the idea of having to cancel a family vacation. It sucks. Yes, there are “bigger” problems in the world, but that doesn’t negate the fact that cancelling something special is disappointing and a valid reason to feel down.


Thank you! That’s encouraging :slight_smile:

I actually found 2 y/o to be tougher than 1 y/o and 3 y/o. Every kid is different, but for my mine, at 2 years old there was a lot more fears of rides, darkness and characters. I found that at 1, they were too young to be afraid of some stuff. And at 3, thee were some fears they were able to overcome (and you can sometimes reason with them a bit to try things).