Reservation finder for Category 1 Mickey's Backyard BBQ?

We are currently signed up for category 2 for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, but I’d like to upgrade to category 1. I’ve tried using the reservation finder and putting in a note that we want Category 1, but every time the finder pings us only category 2 seem to be available. It’s possible I’m not moving fast enough. I was wondering, though, whether the reservation finder can really find availability for a certain category. Does the finder just look for any availability without referencing the category?

I think I would contact Disney Travel directly on this one.

@DocHopper, do you mean the phone number for calling Disney to make dining reservations? Or is Disney Travel something different?

You would call Disney Dining. 407-WDW-DINE

I don’t think the reservation finder distinguishes between Category 1 and Category 2 requests, unfortunately. I’ve read here that people have had luck by continuing to check for availability of Category 1 directly on the Disney website. A good bet is right before the cancellation deadline. Good luck!

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