Reservation finder finder

Sorry to ask but where do I find this app and how do I use it?

It is on the website:

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I always Google “ADR finder” and it’s the first site that comes up.

super easy to use. I filled it out yesterday!! Good luck!

Thank you

What if we have trouble finding this thread again at some point in the future?

We’ll need a reservation finder finder finder.

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Thanks I needed a good laugh.

Bookmark the thread! Then you can always click on your avatar, and one of the icons is a bookmark. That will bring up your bookmarked threads( you can bookmark posts too).

So you’re saying my avatar is a reservation finder finder finder finder?

I tried to make a reservation to find the reservation finder finder after I found I couldn’t find the finder and now I find I have reservations about my finding ability.


I like when I go into a restaurant and they ask me if I have a reservation. I say “yes but we decided to eat here anyway.” You could also say “no why is there something wrong with this place.”

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