Reservation finder- better to select dinner or specific time?

On the reservation finder, what are the pros and cons of selecting a specific time vs. just a dinner time slot? I understand that selecting “dinner” will give me a broader range. I remember reading on Chat that there were pros and cons to each, but I don’t remember what it said and I can’t find the thread. Thank you for all your help.

I find better results with a specific time. And then I do multiple searches if I’m open to a wide range of times. When I had put in a meal for one search I didn’t get anything for several days (unusual in my experience with the service). I changed it to a specific time slot and got a hit within a few hours. Perhaps a coincidence, but perhaps not.

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I like to put in the time I want. If my plan has me eating at 5:30, I will make a FP for 7:00 - so if the ADR finder finds a 7:30 ADR I would most likely reactivate the search anyways. It may take a while but I have always got the exact time I wanted by putting in the time.

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Thanks. I guess I’m nervous because I’m going at Christmas and the parks will be full. I want to sue the method that will give me the biggest chance of getting a reservation.

Possible to use both methods for the same restaurant/day? Also, specific time searches are for an hour plus or minus your desired times. A meal (lunch for example) is for a wider range of time. So, ‘lunch’ probably has a better chance than ‘noon’. And- just guessing- off times (eg lunch at 2pm) probably has a better chance than noon as fewer want the off time

Yes, you can have up to ten searches going at a time. So if you wanted one to be just BoG breakfast, and another to be BoG for 10:00, that should work.


PS. I would use the tool as a way to try to get ADRs that you couldn’t get at 6am 180 days (+ up to 10)…with the day’s toward the end of your trip having the best chance to get coveted ADRs

Thank you!!! It didn’t occur to me to put in multiple requests, one with a dinner time slot and another one for the specific time(s). LIners to the rescue again, you guys are great!