Reservation Finder at Disneyland


Is there a reservation finder for Disneyland? We used it at WDW and it was great. We want to eat at Blue Bayou this week.


Too late for you, but if someone else is looking:

Not sure how successful it is (I’m trying it out myself)

Any update on this? We want the Blue Bayou Fantasmic package for feb 2018 (next month) but it is sold-out. I put in a mousedining, but I prefer this system (used both for wdw in the past).

TP doesn’t maintain a DLR reservation finder like they do for WDW. We’ve always had better success calling for DLR reservations when there isn’t availability online. Also, if you are on-site, there are a certain number of certain reservations set aside for just on-site guests, so if calling you can tap into this perk. Lastly, if you still haven’t got a reservation at the time trip, there are reservations that people hold onto unsure if they will use & then cancel last minute (which is the day before). You can check for an ADR the day before & possibly even day-of with some hope of success.